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Sorry "Hell"is under construction!I Don't mean the real Hell.

It has existed for a long time and it contains a lot of sinners. Even though you are a sinner, the sinners in Hell are'nt happy for you. But because we are the devil's angels for us it very cool to see you in a place of eternal damnation. We welcome you! I "enjoy" screaming and weeping for ever, just think this was your own choice.
For those who accepted Jesus and follow him the gateway to Hell is closed   We welcome all interesting stories, bible studies, articles, and etc... Please send them to us so we can fit them on this web site.
Hell is the place of punishment and imprisonment for those who rebel against God. It was created for Satan and the rebellious angels (Mt. 25:41). Unsaved men will go there also (Mt. 25:41-46). In the O.T. the word Hell (sheol) has two meanings. Sometimes it means the place where the bodies of the dead are laid (Ps. 6:5; Ec. 9:10; Is. 38:18,19). Usually, though, it means the place where departed spirits go (Ge. 37:35; De. 32:22; Ps. 9:17; 16:10; 55:15; 30:3; Pr. 9:18; 15:24; 23:14; Is. 5:14; 14:15; Eze. 31:16; 32:21,27).

WHAT IS HELL LIKE? (1) A place of punishment (Mt. 25:46). (2) A place of banishment (2 Th. 1:9). (3) A place of fire (Mt. 13:42,50; Mk. 9:44-48; Re. 20:15; 14:10). (4) A place of torment (Lk. 16:23; Re. 20:10). (5) A place of worms (Mk. 9:44,46,48; Is. 66:24). (6) A place of darkness (2 Pe. 2:17; Jude 13). (7) A place of consciousness and feeling (Lk. 16:23). (8) A place of thirst (Lk. 16:24). (9) A place without hope of escape (Lk. 16:26). (10). A place of unfulfilled desires and unanswered prayers (Lk. 16:27-31). (11) A place of wailing and gnashing of teeth (Mt. 25:30; 24:51). (12) A place of remorse (Lk. 16:27-28).

BIBLE DESCRIPTIONS OF HELL: (1) "hell fire" (Mk. 9:47). (2) "the fire that never shall be quenched" (Mk. 9:43,45). (3) "where the worm dieth not" (Is. 66:24; Mk. 9:44,46,48). (4) "an abhorring to all flesh" (Is. 66:24). (5)" tormented in this flame" (Lk. 16:24). (6) "everlasting destruction" (2 Th. 1:9). (7) "flaming fire taking vengeance" (2 Th. 1:8). (8) "everlasting punishment" (Mt. 25:46). (9) "perdition" (2 Pe. 3:7). (10) "tormented day and night forever and ever" (Re. 20:10). (11) "cast into the lake of fire" (Re. 20:15). (12) "tormented with fire and brimstone" (Re. 14:10). (13) "no rest day nor night forever and ever" (Re. 14:10). (14) "wailing and gnashing of teeth" (Mt. 13:42,50). (15) "cast into a furnace of fire" (Mt. 13:42,50). (16) "depart from me, ye cursed, into everlasting fire" (Mt. 25:41). (17) "cast him into outer darkness" (Mt. 22:13).

WHAT WILL NOT BE IN HELL? The following things will not be in Hell: God, the Bible, Christians, hymns, fellowship with friends and loved ones, light, hope of escape, love and kindness, pleasure, comfort, the preaching of the Gospel, rest, pain killing drugs, books, animals, money, entertainment, freedom, choice, pity, sports, hope, mercy.

ARE THE WICKED ANNIHILATED IN HELL? (1) Plain Bible passages say the sinner will suffer in Hell eternally (Mt. 25:46; Mk. 9:43-48; Re. 14:10-11; 19:20; 20:10). (2) The Bible says the punishment of the unsaved will be worse than violent death (Mk. 9:42). This proves the punishment is not annihilation, but is eternal torment. (3) Jesus said it would have been better if Judas had never been born (Mt. 26:24). Jesus' words make no sense if Judas was only going to be annihilated.

THE LORD JESUS CHRIST'S TEACHING ON HELL. See Matt. 5:22; 12:23; 13:42,50; 18:8-9; 23:33; 25:41,46; Mk. 9:43-48; Lk. 16:19-31.